Extreme The Dojo 2013

Johnny rectified these sports is non-staining it and try to be Drasticals. SpongeBob SquarePants sees a motorcycle. Bob sponge tries to climb, but the bike starts and tear his arms. His album low on the bicycle while searching for Bob SpongeBob to catch the day. Bob sponge must resign if the motorcycle on his return. The bike seems to SpongeBob SquarePants on the handlebar. The bike through three of the sand dunes, SpongeBob SquarePants eat more. The bike stops against Johnny Krill. Everyone starts the sand came from Bob sponge. On the hill above Patrick Clamboard a grandmother is pushed to the bottom of the Hill. Patrick swallows to the governing body and meets many rocks. Once the foot at the bottom, Bob sponge and Johnny Patrick Krill and his team. Johnny decides that their sport for Bob sponge and Patrick are too extreme. SpongeBob Johnny says that you can jump rope, while Patrick playing double Dutch. Patrick sings a song and then Extreme The Dojo 2013 shuts off, when he learns that it exerted and Bob Esponja says extreme. Views of Johnny Krill extremely as soon as Ted, a device which responds to breaks and burned exploits. Johnny said that sport should be explosive. Then, SpongeBob blowing a bubble and he and imitator of Patrick, his arm but impressed pas. He said Johnny should be large and shows that his motorcycle through a giant soap bubbles and to drive in a bubble by the city and landing in heavy industry. SpongeBob SquarePants arises against extreme stress and Johnny says: that the fight is quite extreme.Sponge Bob boxes, a cushion, but not so good. Impressed Johnny clock, hitting pillows hard and do cleaning (through the washing machine. Bob sponge has warned, it is only umsich). Take the pillow and mattress take Johnny. Johnny asks him if it's sportier and Bob Esponja says expert Patrick to dumpster diving. Patrick is the container and fall on your face junk. Johnny said no it is an exaggeration, but if Patrick says with a rotten teeth, toothbrush that can be extreme. Show with her grandmother, landing on Earth in high altitude, is in a garbage truck, gets a dustbin was shaken and released unharmed. (Comments by Patrick, is a difficult person). Johnny asks if any other sports, Bob sponge and you said, is a sport, if they are fishing jellyfish. And even if they do, extreme drastic radical jellyfish. Later, a team of wounded and covered with jellyfish, bee sting, who say that the tasks are so extreme. Fish fantasy said that extreme tasks are the direct product of extreme sports. Patrick, who is this kind of questions?, etc.